Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rava Dosa/Instant Rava dosa/Bachelors dosa/Quick dosa/

If somebody randomly stopped you and asked you name your favorite tiffin – chances are that Dosa would make the top 5, 99% of time.Young and old gourmand Dosas with great relish. Be it a breakfast, snack or dinner, this filling dish is wholesome. If such a all time favorite food's recipe is easy and quickly handy it can appease our taste buds better and increases our appetite. Usually Dosa batter needs to ferment for 6-8 hours and needs prior preparation, but "Rava dosa" can be made instant. The garnishing ingredients used in this dish have abundant Nutrients that gives it a unique, rich flavor.

Health Facts:
Easy to digest
Less calories
Kid friendly
Doesn't require much Oil

2 Cups Sooji Rava/Upma Rava
2 cups Rice flour
2 cups Maida
Pinch of Baking soda ( Helps to raise the batter)
6 cups water
Salt as per taste

1/2 spoon coconut (powder or pieces)
1/2 table spoon
sesame seeds
cashew nuts (optional)
1 Carrot grated
3 green chillies
Small Ginger pieces

1) Mix sooji, maida and rice flour with water or diluted butter milk.
2) Add salt, baking soda and all other garnishing ingredients.
3) Heat a griddle on the stove
4) On a well heated griddle pour the batter.
5) Batter should be poured from ends, not in the center as we do for regular dosa.

You can relish these hot dosas with any chutney or curry leaf powder.
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ARUNA said...

Though v r dosa-lovers, i never dared to prepare the batter at home but ur recipe is worth trying...thanx for sharing!

Priyanka said...

.. I thought ppl gen make Rava Dosa's only with the Instant mixes coz its tuff to prepare the batter... But after reading this post i'm totally out of that... i'll try preparing the batter at home.. and it seems to b an easy process too... :)
Thnxs Hima!!

Anonymous said...

I tried it, it came out really well. I have infact never tried the instant. I have only had it in the restaurants because I thought it was hard to make. The only difference is, the restaurant style has a course sooji feel, whereas your recipe had a maida feel. Is it your special homestlye recipe or can we have variations like add course rava and cut the maida and rice down to 1cup? Let me know.. I will also try the variations. But your recipe the dosa came out really well, it never stuck to the tava and I felt like a pro because there was no mess. Thanks for the recipe.

Hima said...

Hey, You can try using Coarse Sooji Rava instead of Fine sooji. If you think its too soft, you can add rice flour and Coarse sooji.

Thanks for your comments!!! Let me know of any recipes you would like me to post on this blog.