Friday, March 27, 2009

Mysore Bondas-Spongy,softy,tasty Snack

I have been too lazy to post any blogs as I was busy traveling. Excuse me for the delay.
To make up for the laziness and long absence, I'm sharing my personal favorite dish with all of you.Mysore Bonda is one dish that tops my favorite list of snacks. Strangely, it shows up in my brother's list too. Which is a very rare thing to happen.
My mother cooks it with great ease and expertise that it has become a family favorite.
The golden color, spongy texture and a delicious taste will make our mouth water.

The key trick to get the bondas spongy is to ferment it for atleast 4-5 hrs or add a pinch of baking soda.But, if soda is added it absorbs lot of oil. Needs very few ingredients to make these awesome, yummy bondas.


3 cups Maida
2 cups Yogurt (prefer Sour curd)
1 piece Ginger
5 Green Chillis
Coconut Pieces
Bunch of Cilantro

Oil to deep fry


1.) Mix Maida with Sour curd. Careful, don't add water at all and mix it into a thick consistency.
Ferment the batter for minimum 4 hours.
2.) Grind Ginger, green chillies
3.) Mix Coconut pieces, cilantro and pinch of salt in the batter.
4.) Make small lumps of desired size and fry it in Oil.


Pooja said...

Mysore bonda is looking yumm..Adding coconut is new to me...

Hima said...

Hey Pooja.....adding coconut adds curnchiness to the bonda. Try it and let me know how it tastes.

Aparna said...

Instead of Maida, try Self raising flour. It gives a lot of fluffiness to bondas.

Aparna said...

And there is no need of fermentation. 15 mins is all that is needed