Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Majjiga pulusu/Challa pulusu/Kadhi

Majjiga Pulusu, also known as Challa Pulusu has been my husband's one of the favorite items. So, obviously had to master it to make him happy.As the saying goes "A journey to Man's heart is through his stomach".
The taste, color and its aroma totally appeals me. It can be cooked in various styles and different ways depending on the region you hail from. North Indians also have a similar dish famously known as Kadi. Be it North or South, anything made with Yogurt is very good for health, as it acts as a coolant to the human body and is also a good source of Calcium.

I would love to post the recipe for Kadi, but will stop myself here, as I devote this blog to South Indian cuisine.

Let me now share with you my way of making "Majjiga Pulusu". I cook this dish in the most easiest way and will not need any prior preparation of soaking the pulses.


Thick yogurt/butter milk :2 cups
Besan : 2 spoons
Rice flour: 2 spoons
Coconut powder:1 spoon
Dhaniya powder:1/2 spoon
Hing/Asofotedia: Pinch
Ginger:1 piece
Green Chilly:3
Few curry leaves for garnishing

If you have time to do some prior planning, you can soak channa dal, dhaniya, few fenugreek
seeds, ginger, green chillies.

Vegetables: Other than Lauki all other vegetables are optional.
Lauki/Sorakaya/Opo Squash-10-12 pieces
Okra/Bhindi: 4-5 pieces


  • Steam cook the vegetables and set them aside.
  • Make a paste of Ginger and Green chilli.
  • In a Mixer jar, liquefy curd, add some salt and turmeric.
  • In the same jar, blend all the above ingredients (besan, rice flour, dhaniya, jeera, coconut pieces).
  • In a heavy pan, add 2 spoons of oil and half spoon Ghee, when it heats, add some urad dal, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and some hing.
  • When they start to splutter, add the steamed vegetables and also add the yogurt liquid paste.
  • Continuously keep stirring it in low flame until it thickens (usually takes about 10-15minutes).

Your delicious Majjiga Pulsu is ready to be savored. Tastes good with Plain toor dal/Utti pappu/Mudda pappu.


Aruna said...

Nice Hima. I will try it today. Thanks for sharing.

Raj said...

God Bless you! i will try some recipes this week.

Raghu said...

Good work...Thanks!!!