Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sorakaya-Pesarapappu Kootu;

Dal is considered to be a compulsory dish in our every day cooking. Specially for Vegetarians as it has good proteins. But, eating the same style of Dal everyday can get boring.South Indians usually make Dal using Toor dal, but Moong dal is also a great subsititute. So, if you are open to trying something tasty and different, this can turn out to be a delightful dish.
Sorakaya is called as Dhoodi or Lauki in Hindi and Bottle Gourd in English. This vegetable can be found in any season and is considered to be a very safe on stomach as its very easy to digest. You can substitute cabbage instead of Bottle gourd. Gives the same taste.This item is not completely a Andhra dish, we can call it a fusion of Andhra and Chennai cuisines.


1- Sorakaya/Bottle gourd

1 cup Moong Dal

1 t.spn Black Pepper

1/2 cup grated coconut ( Fresh or frozen works)

1 tb spoon Jeera

1 Spoon Urad dal

2-3 Red chillies

2-Green chillies
1 spoon Ghee
Curry leaves

1 spoon of Jeera, hing/asfotedia, mustard seeds
1.) Cut bottle gourd into small pieces and pressure cook it with Moong dal.
Don't boil them to a paste.
2.) In a open pan add small amount of Ghee and fry Urad dal, Pepper, Jeera, Red chillies, Green chillies. Fry them till red and just before turning off the stove add grated coconut. ( Coconut should not be fried on flame, it will leave oil and the taste will spoil.)
3.) Grind these above items into a thick paste.
4.) Add salt to the pressure cooked dal and vegetable.
5.) Add 2 tb.spoon of oil or Ghee, allow it to heat well. In that add the Garnishing seeds and curry leaves.
6.) Once they start to splutter add the grinded paste and cook it for a few minutes. In the same paste add the Moong dal.
7.) Let the whole dal and garnish simmer for 5-10 mts on low flame.

Tastes great with hot rice and you can have rice crisps or chips as a condiment.
Time to Cook :20 mts



Srinu said...

This is an awesome dish! Have tried it earlier.Easy to cook and very tasty too. Thanks to Hima for the recipe!

Vij said...

Healthy n nutritious dish! I love kottu with any veggie.

ravi said...

Hey Hima... I had a craving for mirchi bajji today... do you have the recipe??

Maanasa said...

Hey Hima....I made this today and it came out awesome..my husband also loved it!!!Thanks alot